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Lacrosse is a good alternative to football

Jack Phillips

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Football. Basketball. Baseball. Lacrosse? Lacrosse is that kind of sport that you know the name but you don’t really know what it really is, as football is that sport that everyone’s heard of, and everyone has at least some basic knowledge of.


Lacrosse is a relatively new sport in the modern society, it hasn’t been around that long so i understand the lack of popularity but in reality it is a very similar sport to football and should get due credit.


First of all it is a highly contact oriented sport much like all american football. In case you didn’t know in the sport of lacrosse you use metal/composite sticks with nets on the end to carry, pass, and shoot the ball to the opponent team’s goal. These poles are also used to check the player with the ball and to defend your goal. Half of the came is checking other players and sticks. It kind of reminds me of a large team game of kill the carrier, just like football.


“In lacrosse there are not a lot of concussions but there is still a lot of contact” said Jonah Alvira, a student from SRVHS that plays both lacrosse and football.


As a contact sport lacrosse is not nearly reliant on height and weight to be able to play well. I mean it’s always good to have bigger guys as defenders but it’s not necessary. I know many defenders that weigh less than 100 pounds that are great at what they do on the field. Ever though you can be a smaller person you still have to be well built and in shape. The game requires a lot of running in almost every position, so if you don’t have good endurance then you won’t get a lot of play time.


The game also requires some smarts. You have to be able to memorize plays, know where to be on the field and pay attention to who has the ball at all times. These skills are needed to play successfully on the field and help your team win games.


Lacrosse is a spring sport and football is a fall sport so if you are a football player and want to play another sport off season… Here you go a contact sport off of the football season. If your main sport is football then lacrosse can keep you in shape to play in the off season too.
So when football season ends maybe just pick up a lacrosse stick and see what it can do for you.

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    Lacrosse is a good alternative to football