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Pets are the solution to life

Sydney Shrestha

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The day I got my pet is one I will never forget. Pure happiness instantly rushed over me from the very first moments I had with my adorable cat whose fur was as soft as clouds, and eyes as blue as the sky.


This emotion has been with me forever. I would like everyone else to enjoy this amazing feeling all the time. Being like that is achievable. In order to, everyone should own a pet to make their lives better.


Some people might obtain the opinion that owning an animal is hard work and takes too much time. What is not realized is that you are only rewarded when taking care of a pet. It’s not just a chore. There are many reasons why keeping a pet only improves your life. These include better health, getting the opportunity to learn significant life lessons, and receiving a forever friend.


Health Improvement

In the article, “Top Five Health Benefits of Owning a Pet”, Sarah McCandless claims that animals help with heart disease. Many studies have been performed to prove the benefits for your health from pets.


An investigation performed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was created to test this idea. Their lab consisted of examining people who owned an animal. The results concluded that pet owners ended up having lowered rates in blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol. All of these affected factors led to carrying smaller risks of a heart attack.   


Our bodies respond to animals in numerous ways. From just the action of petting, our stress levels are immediately dropped. Another perk is getting more active. Owning a dog leads to people having to exercise multiple times of the day by going on walks, jogs, or hikes.


This not only relates to physical health, but also mental. Pets have the ability to help with your social life. They are great a topic to bring up with other fellow pet owners. It gives people something to relate to, and improves their socialization skills.


Learning Lessons

The opportunity of acquiring meaningful lessons and good morals is provided. Always having to attend to them by feeding, cleaning, and playing is a great way to teach kids the meaning of responsibility. This  will be very helpful in life during their growth and development. It could also be influential to adults who might not fully understand those concepts yet.


Forever Friend

A pet could seem like just an animal to some people, but that is not the case. They mean so much more than that. They can become your best friend through love and companionship. A friend is someone who shares a bond of mutual affection with you. That is exactly what a pet is.


Who else agrees with me? Nicole Paich does.


Nicole Paich is a ninth grade student attending San Ramon Valley High School. She currently has two pets, one being a cat and the other a dog. Paich explained, “Pets help when you are in a sad mood. They are always fun to play with. Overall, having animals in your life makes you a happier person”.


A friend is a person who is there for you through all the good and bad times no matter what. You can have someone like this in your life by keeping a pet.
If you are not living off the benefits of a pet, then adopt one today. Go to or to help rescue and adopt animals. Not only will you be helping someone else’s life, but yours too. Start living a better life today.

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    Pets are the solution to life