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What everyone ought to know about eSports!

Derek Sheih

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“John get off your computer right now!”


“Not now mom I’m watching eSports!”


“What is that?”


“It’s a sport where the players play video games!”

eSports, now a multimillion dollar industry has been broadcasting professional players playing video games for sometime now on websites such as Twitch and YouTube. There has been an ongoing debate about whether eSports are sports.


Esports is not a sport because the physical activity done in the activity doesn’t reach the recognition of being called a sport.


Although I watch eSports from time to time for my own amusement, I don’t think it’s a sport.


According to sports is an acivity involving physical exertion and skill. Although some people might argue that eSports requires you to move your hand and fingers, I don’t think that it gets to the level of being called physical exertion. It does not cost a hefty amount of energy to move your mouse and keys.


Some say that eSports is more mentally heavy. It requires more brainpower than physical. This is because video games do many things to the brain. According to John Skipper the ESPN president, he claims that “eSports is not a sport, it’s a competition. Chess is a competition. Checkers is a competition. Mostly, I’m interested in doing real sports


The only reason eSports players are considered athletes by the government is because the players need the visas to compete in other countries, but not everyone acknowledges this.


The eSports trend is upward and is set to reach the height of NFL by 2019. These gamers that are playing “sports” should not be called athletes. eSports is not giving the body physical activity that benefits the body. Calling eSports a sport is lowering the importance of physical activity. eSports barely requires any athletic ability at all. Therefore eSports should be taken off sports networks on television.

I think the only reason eSports are aired on sports channels are for the business and money. The amount of income eSports generates is immense and will almost match the amount of money some sports leagues match.


Joseph, a 9th grader who is a gamer, says “eSports aren’t actual sports because the definition of a sport is an interactive activity taking physical skill and exertion.” The amount of physical exertion and prowess is very minimal compared to football and sports like that.


Although some may argue that because of the studies that have been shown that gamers are in fact athletes because of the mental strain. And some people may say that the pulse is higher, but there is still not physical exertion to the point of sweating or panting. For a long time now we have viewed sports as activities of physical exertion.
In conclusion I think eSports are not sports and are competitions. People should stop asking the question whether eSports are sports. Esports should be their own thing. The quality of the game and entertainment should persuade you whether to want to watch it or not. If not then just go to ESPN and watch some football, soccer, or baseball.  

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    What everyone ought to know about eSports!