The SRVHS Wolfprint

Teens at All-Male High School Start Feminism Club
Sophia Zambelis, Staffer • November 18, 2020

High school students Matias Benitez and Matt Chen launched a feminism club, inspired by Emma Watson, at their all-boys school to change classmates’...

Turner Stanton: Alumni for Town Council
Samantha Shah, Staffer • November 18, 2020

Handing out masks and interacting with citizens, Turner Stanton, Danville Town Council candidate, spent the morning of November 1st at Danville’s...

Racism in America
Delaney Mackebon, Staffer • November 18, 2020

Racism has a long history in America, but when will it stop? Racism in America has happened even before we were an established country. The racism...

Veterans Day: More Than Just a Day Off
Chloe Lee, Staffer • November 18, 2020

“Guess what? We don’t have school November 11th! I think it’s Veterans Day or something. Want to hang out?” “Sure, why not. I’m so...

The Impact of Media on the Upcoming Election
Carly Juroff, Co-President • November 18, 2020

Globalization has opened new doors for the world as communication has become more relevant than ever. People have the opportunity to access a...

The Reality of Climate Change: How Much Longer Do We Have?
Ashley Carter, Staffer • November 18, 2020

People say we need to protect Earth “for future generations.” Unfortunately, the future generation often referred to is our generation, right...

The High Stakes During Wildfires of California in Rural Areas
Angelina Ge, Staffer • November 18, 2020

The increasing rate of wildfires in Northern California this year contributed to the chaos and disorganization during the evacuations, especially...

Hunting the News For the Rest of the Pack
Hunting the News For the Rest of the Pack