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Chanels Downfall from High Fashion
Chanel's Downfall from High Fashion
Angelina Ge March 9, 2022

To many, Chanel is a household name for high fashion, especially in haute couture. When people hear the name “Coco Chanel,” they immediately...

Re-opening Night
Re-opening Night
Kate Jones February 2, 2022

Throughout the last 22 months, COVID has stayed in the limelight. But after the months-long struggle to reclaim the stage, at long last performers...

The Comrades of SRV
The Comrades of SRV
Carly Juroff, Editor in Chief • February 1, 2022

A lot of things make San Ramon High special -- its school spirit and great teachers -- but one of the best is the variety of Comrades programs,...

Corona Centennial wide receiver Gary Bryant evades Corona defenders for a touchdown in 2017.
High School Sports Returning to Action in California
Sofia Bowes, Staffer • May 31, 2021

After months of waiting...high school sports in California are about to break loose and athletes are ready to be unbenched.   As of...

Climate Anxiety
Climate Anxiety
Ashley Carter, Staffer • May 10, 2021

In October of 2019, a group of pioneering residents fled the village of Newtok in Alaska. As they left their homes, they became one of the first...

Transition to Hybrid Learning
Transition to Hybrid Learning
Izabella Ge, Co-President • March 22, 2021

After months of learning from their rooms and watching teachers Zoom-lecture, students in the San Ramon Valley finally have the opportunity to...

ZHANGJIAKOU, CHINA - JULY 02: Solar panels and wind turbines are pictured on a barren mountain at Shenjing Village on July 2, 2018 in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province of China. The installed capacity of renewable energy electricity generation in Zhangjiakou has reached 12.03 million kilowatts. (Photo by VCG)
Renewable Energy
Sofia Bowes, Staffer • March 22, 2021

Changes in our planet’s climate are having huge impacts on many people and may continue to get more fatal if nothing is changed. Thankfully,...

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