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Brandon Garnsey

Brandon Garnsey is a senior who is interested in TV Acting, Screenwriting and Broadcast Journalism.  He has written for the Contra Costa Times as well as The Wolfprint for the last three years. He enjoys journalism because it gives him the ability to express thoughts and ideas through the written word.


Shilpa Rao

Shilpa Rao is a senior at SRVHS who has written for The Wolfprint since her freshman year. She is interested in journalism because it has given her a chance to talk to a variety of people she otherwise might not have interacted with. In her spare time, she enjoys playing flute, reading, and listening to music.


Staff Writers:


Morgan Albin: Morgan Albin, a senior at SRVHS, is interested in journalism because she likes to express her knowledge of events through writing. Morgan hopes to pursue journalism in college because she loves being involved and writing about school/town events is a great way to become involved.


Kyle Batza:  Kyle Batza is a junior at SRVHS who enjoys to write about sports and news articles that interest him. He really enjoys to write about sports because he likes to give his own opinion on the matter. This will be his first year writing for The Wolfprint, and he is excited to have one of his articles published. [email protected]


Claudia Bistrain: Claudia Bistrain, a senior at SRVHS, could be defined as a thrill-seeker.Whether it be acting on stage, taking fashion risks or raging in the crowd to her favorite bands; Claudia is always chasing the excitement. She hopes to continue to express herself through Journalism by vocalizing her unique perspective on music and live performance. Claudia is always striving to get the most out of every experience avoiding all things average. 🙂


Megan Bieneman: Megan Bieneman is a film obsessed, free spirited and jubilant sophomore who participates in Theater and Journalism at SRVHS. Megan aspires to make an impact on others with her writing, and hopes to let her fellow peers’ convictions shine in the best way possible.  


Hannah Connelly: Hannah Connelly is a junior at SRVHS who enjoys writing, and especially journalism. She is interested in journalism because it allows her to combine different perspectives and biases to create a single article. Hannah loves to look at different opinions of people under a common subject to create something that informs the community about current events! She is new to The Wolfprint, as this is her first year in journalism, but she hopes to continue next year!


Michaela Duncanson: Michaela Duncanson is a junior at SRVHS who enjoys writing and taking Journalism because it not only allow her to express her own self, but it also helps her readers to learn about current events and form opinions about them. She hopes to become a journalist later in life with the intent to expose the world to new perspectives and different ways of life through the stories she reports. 


Elizabeth Fergus: Elizabeth Fergus, sophomore at SRVHS, believes journalism is a way to educate the public about news topics and spread awareness. Although this is her first year writing for The Wolfprint, she likes being able to distribute educational information and knowledge to her peers. She likes examining the different perspectives in situations and creating articles, while attracting a variety of audiences. She hopes to someday make a positive impact through her articles as a journalist and on social media.


Taylor Gregory: Taylor Gregory, senior at SRVHS, enjoys reading and writing. With hopes of sharing her views with the world, Taylor strives to become an active journalist.



Laura Martin: Laura Martin is a senior at SRVHS. She hopes to one day be able to give the oppressed a voice and make a more intelligent society by informing the general public about impactful, significant events going on in the world. In her spare time she likes to read and socialize.


Jacob Resendiz: Jacob David Resendiz is a sophomore at SRVHS who enjoys journalism and writing about sports and other topics that interest him. He enjoys writing about sports specifically due to his passion for all things sports related. He is excited to be writing for the Wolfprint and has dreams of becoming a sports writer someday.


Erin White: Erin White is a sophomore at SRVHS who enjoys to write because it lets her express herself and be creative. She is particularly interested in Journalism because it will allow her to meet all kinds of different people and experience new things. She aspires to one day become an editor-in-chief for her own magazine company. Erin is new to The Wolfprint but can’t wait to get started.



Rachel Wood: Rachel Wood is a junior at SRVHS who is very interested in writing and reporting because she hopes to have a future in this particular field when she is older. Journalism interests her because it gives her a chance to explore the news and write about topics that are interesting to her.


Peri Woolridge: Peri Woolridge is a sophomore at SRVHS who is interested in Journalism and reporting, because it lets her express herself and her opinion. She aims to become a better writer and write about different topics that interest her. Also improve her skills in writing. One day she hopes to become the editor-in-chief of her favorite magazine Glamour. She is new to The Wolfprint, but can’t wait to start writing!


Kristina Yang: Kristina Yang is a sophomore at SRVHS with a passion for writing. She plans to expand her horizons and experiment with reporting and article writing this year. She enjoys journalism because she can express herself and inform others about her interests. She hopes to improve her skills and possibly have a career in journalism.


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