Transition to Hybrid Learning


After months of learning from their rooms and watching teachers Zoom-lecture, students in the San Ramon Valley finally have the opportunity to opt for hybrid learning mid-March, thanks to declining coronavirus cases.


Last November, 39% of San Ramon Valley High School students said they would return for hybrid instruction, while 61% decided to continue learning remotely.


The reasons students opted for remote learning are varied. For senior Michelle Hoang, accessibility was an issue. “I chose remote learning partly because I can’t drive. I don’t have the accessibility to go to school.” 


Despite missing physical interactions, students commonly said health and safety was a priority. Eli Dinfotan, a senior, stated that “I chose to continue remote learning for health concerns over my learning environment. My logic was that, if it does become safe to meet in person, but I have to continue learning online, I can just meet up with friends on my own time.” 


For those who decided to return to campus once it is safe, even if the in-person experience will be different, connecting with their peers and teachers in-person outweighed other concerns. 


After a long period of learning online during which physical interactions were limited and she was largely confined to her room, senior Sabrina Carney has opted for hybrid learning.


“I had a hard time being home for how long I was,” Carney recalled. “My mental health took a plunge, something I have never experienced before. It hurt me and I am too stubborn to ask for help, which made it worse. Seeing my brother and sister go somewhere in order to do school, and knowing that I am stuck in my room hurt. I chose to do hybrid because getting back into that kind of routine would help me with a little more normal.”


Despite some safety concerns, sophomore Jyotsna Jha will also be returning to the campus “because I believe that I will be able to learn more if I can see my teachers in person than I currently am with remote learning.” That way, she will also be able to meet with friends and see her teachers in-person.