Morning Drive


Early morning drive Photograph by Samantha Lusby

This poem is published to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Where am I? What time is it?

It’s so cold and dark, I hardly know anymore

All I know is that I am somewhere I have never been before

And it is far more beautiful than I ever could have guessed

The silver skies, the emerald trees, the azure river

All wrapped up snugly in the harsh, icy air

What secrets does this place hold?

What memories will be born here?

All of my senses are dancing with this moment, vowing to keep it alive forever

My hands touching and clutching my leather seat and wool-clad sleeves

My throat drenched with the taste of coffee and cream

My nostrils filled with the scent of evergreens and roses

My ears lulled by the whirring of the wheels beneath me

And my eyes enchanted by the sight of all sights

Faster and faster we drive, and the scenery is ever-changing and ever the same

Not unlike this mind of mine, absorbing all it can