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Hunting the News For the Rest of the Pack

The SRVHS Wolfprint

Hunting the News For the Rest of the Pack

The SRVHS Wolfprint

All Students Should Be Able To Eat Off Campus

SRV Senior Zierek Umair returns to campus after enjoying lunch at Ike’s.

Freedom is important to students and going off campus during lunch is something most students desire and would like to experience. Students of all grade levels should be given the privilege of going off campus during lunch.

Eating off campus encourages independence

In an article that appeared on the NorthBrook High School online newspaper website, an 11th grade student stated; “Students should be able to go out of school for lunch because it gives them a break, responsibility, and a little more freedom. As soon as they become adults, they will have to do a lot for themselves, so they should be treated like the adults they’re about to become.”

Students should be given the privilege to go off campus. This will help students grow up to be more mature and have to take responsibility over their actions. Students will have to discipline themselves on what they eat, where they go, and getting back to class on time.

Going off campus gives students access to food variety

The cafeteria serves a limited amount of food and many students aren’t happy with the meal portions. They can’t get a second lunch and sometimes go hungry. Lunch is usually unhealthy and students don’t get the nutrients needed for their body to function properly through the long school days. Accordingly, some students can’t eat certain types of lunch and some are gluten free. The cafeteria does not provide a variety of food for students who are unable to eat these meals.

According to Zierek Umair, a senior at SRV, eating off campus gets you more variety of food and is more fun than eating at school.

All Students should be granted privileges just like the seniors

Young students, especially freshmen, don’t get the opportunities that seniors get and don’t get to experience the benefit of roaming on their own. Students would enjoy lunch more because they would get to go off campus.

A freshman at SRV, Charlie McGlaughlin said, “I think it would give everyone more freedom, especially us freshmen and like we would enjoy lunch more.”

Some say students are healthier eating school lunches rather than going off campus to eat. They are not making the right choices by eating unhealthy food and not receiving the nutrients needed for the body to function properly. However, students have to learn and discipline themselves to eat the right foods and not what they wish. Learning balance between healthy and junk foods is a challenge especially for the teens.

A trusted nutrition website, YR Media https://yr.medi, states that schools tend to feed unhealthy foods that leave students hungry until dinner. Students are going to have to make small decisions like this in life and eventually have to look out for themselves. Allowing students to go off campus during lunch helps them build a strong, responsible attitude for their future.


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