There’s no I in team

We were out there on the stage and all the lights were on  my team mates and I. We were dancing our hearts out. Sweat dripping off of everything. Our feet killing us with pain but we kept going. We fling ourselves around to nail our turn and boom we’re done. The spotlights dim. We run off stage and dive into a giant group huge all of us squeezing as hard as we can and all I can think to myself is what would I do without my team?


Every kid should be on a sports team.


Melissa paich believes that, “Team sports allow kids to learn how to work as a team which is a crucial skill to learn as it’s a crucial part of life.”


By being on a sports team your child can also learn teamwork. Team work will come into play many times in your life. In the workplace when you get older. Working on a class project with other students. So, why not learn teamwork at an early age? If you work on your teamwork skills at an early age so you can get along with people and not have confrontations with other people by not being able to work well with others.


Being on a sports team can be beneficial. By being on one you can learn respect, how to be confident, help work through your stress, and improve your critical thinking skills making you a better student. Just think that you can achieve all of that by just being on a sports team. Become a better student and learn valuable life skills.


Parents you also have benefits to your kids being on a sports team. If you want to be more involved in your child’s life than being part of a sports team can help. You can cheer your kids on the sidelines and build a lifetime bond with them. You can cheer them up if they lose or cheer with them if they win. Being apart of a sports team has a lot of things to offer for you and your child.


I know you’re thinking well my kid can learn those skills somewhere else like being apart of the school band or drama but being on a sports team allows you to exercise keeping you healthy and in great shape. But in drama or school band your kid might not be getting exercise but by being on a sports team you can get rid of stress, be a better student, and live a healthy life by exercising
So parents sign your kids up for a sports team. It can be beneficial for so many reasons. Wouldn’t you rather have your kids be on a sports team out exercising rather than being inside all day playing video games? Yes. You would rather have them be outside so why not put them on a sports team to make new friends and be confident in themself.