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Hunting the News For the Rest of the Pack

The SRVHS Wolfprint

Hunting the News For the Rest of the Pack

The SRVHS Wolfprint

Do the Warriors Need a Big Offseason Change?


In order to set up a strong future for years to come, the Warriors may need a complete reset. With veterans Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green getting older and less durable, the Warriors need to obtain young players through either free agency, trades, or the draft, in order to ensure a future for the franchise. Additionally, with the team at a current record of 22-25, the Warriors could consider a change in leadership.

Although the Warriors won a Championship 2 years ago, the team is far from the level it once was. I remember as a kid watching the Warriors in awe. With perhaps the most stacked roster in NBA history, including Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Demarcus Cousins, and Kevin Durant, they cruised to a 73-9 record, winning multiple titles during the late 2010’s. However, the team is nowhere near the same as it was when they were consistently winning. Why?

Roster Issues

Earlier this month, Bleacher Report writer Zach Buckley said, “So far, their roster appears both undermanned and overpaid. They haven’t been good on either end of the floor, and they really have no great qualities about them, beyond rostering Stephen Curry.” With Klay Thompson’s efficiency dropping year by year, Andrew Wiggins’ production plummeting, and Draymond Green failing to play a significant number of games this season, the previous core players are looking more and more questionable. In the Jordan Poole trade, the Warriors ended up getting 38 year old Chris Paul, who is well past his prime. The Warriors not only traded away a fan favorite, and young player for one that is considerably worse and much older, but they also ended up signing Paul for more than what they were paying Poole in the first place. With Paul getting paid 30.8 million this season, Klay receiving 43.2 million this season, and Wiggins and Draymond receiving around 24 and 22 million each respectively, the Warriors are giving up a ton to continue re-signing the veterans. To put this into perspective, the next highest salary is Gary Payton II, who is making 8.7 million this year. Not to mention, Steph Curry, the highest earner in the entire NBA, is getting paid 51.9 million this season. All in all, the Warriors are paying about 77% of their entire salary cap to 5 players, amounting to 172.5 million dollars for this season alone.

Lack of Development of Young Players

As the Warriors’ core players continue to age, the team has failed to address the lack of young players on the team. For one, the Warriors have traded away several of their young players, including James Wiseman, Jordan Poole, and Eric Paschall. Currently, the Warriors sit with Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, Trayce Jackson-Davis, and Brandin Podziemski.

Bad Chemistry

Another underlying issue with the Warriors this season has been the lack of chemistry between players and even the coaches. Most significantly, the past issues between Draymond Green and other players. Draymond drove Kevin Durant out of the bay area, ending the dynasty, and even punched former teammate Jordan Poole during an altercation at practice. To put it simple, Draymond is out of control. To add to this issue, Steve Kerr’s relationship with Jonathan Kuminga is far from ideal, and according the Shams Charania, and Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Kuminga has, “Lost faith in coach Steve Kerr,” and doesn’t believe that he will allow him to reach his full potential. Kuminga, a potential star for the Dubs is appearing to be more and more likely to leave after this season, which would be a detrimental blow to the young core of the team.

Defensive Struggles

According to a 2023 article from Sports Illustrated, “The problem is that the Warriors’ starting lineup, once historically good, has been shockingly bad. The problem is that the defense, first or second in efficiency in three of Golden State’s four championship seasons, ranks in the back half of the NBA this time around.” Allowing around 118 points per game, the Dubs’ defense is giving up way more points than their top three ranking from 2021-2022 at 105 points per game —the same year they won the championship.


Now, what should the warriors do? Many reminiscing fans believe that they should keep Draymond, Klay, and Curry at all costs, but what consequences does that bring? As mentioned before, the quintuplet of Green, Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, and Paul make up over three quarters of the Warriors salary cap, so in order to keep these players, they must be willing to take a significant salary cut. In addition, many of those same players are steadily leaving their prime, or are out of their prime outright.

Other fans believe that their bay area franchise needs a big change such as a big trade this offseason or even a coaching change. The Dubs may not need a complete roster overhaul, however it may be time to move on from an outdated roster that is currently soaking up the majority of the available salary cap. If the administration would even consider moving on from Steve Kerr, who would they hire? Options such as former Lakers coach, Frank Vogel, or former Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer, or coach Mike D’Antoni, who coached a similarly small-ball styled Rockets team in the late 2010’s are available.

The big question is, can the Dubs turn their season around? And if not, what will they do to ensure a better season next year? Given these various issues, it is clear that Warriors need a big change this offseason. With this long list of problems to address, the front office has a tough task ahead of them; however, it is necessary to ensure success in the future.

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