Prism Shows a New Side of Katy

Prism Shows a New Side of Katy

By: Marc Wolford

Just recently, Katy Perry’s newest album, “Prism” came out, and it sems to be doing fairly well, but there’s one catch; it doesn’t sound like Katy.

Some of the hit songs off the album include “Unconditionaly”, and “Dark Horse”. Those two alone already deviate from her past trend, which usualy involved a high tempo, and a deluge of instruments and synths, all revolvong around simple, catchy vocals.

In stark compairison, “Dark Horse” features a deep pulsing bass,  a beat reminiscent of deep house music, and features rapper Juicy J. When I first heard “Unconditionaly”, her next biggest hit, it almost sounded like Kelly Clarkson. The song has powerfull vocals, a background emphasis on drums, and none of the techno elements present in “Dark Horse”, excluding the the odd synth here and there.

Another noteworthy contrast is between “walking on air” A euphoric, pop beat with the same elements present in her earlier albums. It also has the same lyrical isues plaguing her before, a distinct lack of depth. Compared to “By the grace of god”, which expresses a feeling of redemption, and self-motivation through a calmer, more piano-centered sound.

Of course her biggest hit off the album is “Roar”. With nearly endless radio airplay, it earns it’s place with empowering vocals, a climactic sound, and a harmony of different instruments. The album has definite variety, and in an interview with WMagazine, Katy said that Prism “Has a different vibe, original lyrics, and a more thought out message.”

Following the billboard rated 76 album “Teenage Dream”, “Prism”, rated 83, is evidence that she isn’t done yet, and that she’s got more to her than just a money making formula.