Wolves Varsity Basketball Season Recap

By: Joe Van Horn and Chase Wickman

DANVILLE, CA- When it comes to High School sports, nobody can argue with the fact that football is the most attended. The second most, not suprisingly, is basketball. This year, the Wolves’ varsity teams have enjoyed much success, and have a bright path for the rest of the season, and the future.

    The Varisty Boys team has seen brighter days than the girl’s team so far this season, playing themselves to a 19-3 record under coach John Raynor. Raynor has guided his boys to a California state rank of 35 and a National Rank of 294, according to MaxPreps.com. MaxPreps.com is a national high school sports website that is run by CBS Sports. To put that in perspective, there are more than 1,000 high schools in California and more than 24,000 nationwide. That shows that the Varisty boys team has more than a little to brag about when it comes to rank. This doesn’t come as a surpirse to coach Raynor, who describes them as a, “talented, hardworking, and very team oriented bunch of lads.” Their most recent game was a home win against Granada on Tuesday, February 5th. The final score was 62-55. As for the future, MaxPreps.com has them slotted to place second in the North Coast Section (NCS) standings this year, just behind hated rival Monte Vista. Winning the NCS Championship is the high school equivalent to winning the NBA Finals.

    Despite not having as good of a season as the boys, the Varisty girls haven’t played badly either. Piloted by coach Hans Delannoy, they own a 11-10 record and a state rank of 209. Their most recent game was a home win against Granada. The final score was 45-40. They will be playing Monte Vista at home on Tuesday, January 28th, so go out and help them Beat MV. MaxPreps.com has the Varisty girls placing 8th in the NCS race this season, finishing just in front of Mission San Jose and just behind Foothill, with Monte Vista yet again predicted to take home the crown.

    Luckily for both squads, injuries have been minimal. The boys did have one big injury to Christian Fuca, which happened during football season. He has since recovered. The Girls have had no major injuries but a few minor ones here and there, according to coach Delannoy.

The basketball season is far from over, the boys have a total of five games left in the regular season which is over on Friday, February 21 with a huge rivalry game against the dreadful Monte Vista Mustangs on their home court. The girls have five games remaining as well. Their season also ends on Friday, February 21 with the same rivalry game. Both the boys and girls have their sights set on one thing coming into the home stretch, the NCS Championship.