No Mo’ Money

No Mo’ Money

By: Chase Wickman 

Sports fans might have heard that professional boxer Floyd Mayweather made a $10.4 million bet on the Denver Broncos to win the SuperBowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Later, he denied ever betting this amount of money on the game. Although Mayweather denied betting on this game, the Vegas Gambling Steam Twitter feed revealed that Mayweather did in fact lose $10.4 million on the Broncos to win by two points over the Seattle Seahawks.

People might be wondering where does someone go to bet $10.4 million on something. Well, Mayweather went to one of the biggest gambling cities in the world, Las Vegas. Mayweather has a big reputation of betting huge amounts of money on sports games. Most of those bets were winners and he hasn’t had many losses in anything that he does.

For all the people out there who don’t know Floyd Mayweather, he is a boxing superstar who already has a lot of money. Mayweather has won eight world titles and the lineal championship in three different weight classes, Mayweather has won many of these championships and awards to go with them. He won the best fighter ESPY award, which is an ESPN award, in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013. Mayweather has also never lost one fight in his professional career, his record is 45-0. He has won 23 times by Knockout. Knowing all this anyone can tell that Mayweather has all the money in the world.

People are now saying that Mayweather got so caught up in winning all the time that when he lost, he was so surprised that he decided to deny betting at all. As the Vegas Gambling Steam posted on Twitter, “Looks like Floyd might not be telling the truth here, it’s no surprise a man so used to winning couldn’t just hold his hands up and admit he lost one.”